Togbe Tsali IV is a very wonderful gentleman who endears himself in both social and corporate worlds excellently.

He was born on Monday 27th of August, 1973 to one Mr Geoffrey Kwao Sonu and Mrs Cate Buhunyo Afine’ Dzramado-Sosu.

Keeping updated with TOGBE TSALI IV

Togbe Tsali IV is the Dufia (Town Chief), a of Abutia Kpota within Ho West District in the Volta Region of Ghana.Having been a Government Sector worker under the Ministry of Local Government Decentralization and Rural Development, Togbe is currently the District Director for the Department of Social Welfare and community development at the Agotime –Ziope District Assembly, Kpetoe since January, 2015 as a Principal Social Development Officer.

Toge Tsali IV owns a few private firms and NPOs namely KKSon Marketing Ltd, Traherbal Industries Ltd, Health ‘N’Morale lnt’l, and Togbe Tsali Trado –Socio-Edu-Cultural Charity Foundation which he runs under a very competent team of young men women. Aside,he is a very great Philanthropist noted across Ghana Despite his age and countless social corporate engagement Togbe TsaliIV has never given up on formal education; Having successfully completed his MA Din Development Studies at Ghana’s premium University of Legon in the year 2014, he is currently pursuing his MPhil Development Management at UBIDS Wa also in Ghana.






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It’s all about Humanity

Wars and poverty Hunger. Crime. It’s simple to lose hope in humanity when there are so many injustices happening in today’s society. Why should we care if no one else does, we may ask ourselves. We might as well accept the state of the world as it is since nothing ever appears to improve or change.

Although it is critical that we recognise the injustices that exist and perceive them as pressing problems that must be solved, it is also crucial that we recognise our own role in making those solutions a reality.


Mahatma Gandhi
“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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-Togbe Tsali

"To be outstanding in anything, you must inject more energy to go the extra mile far beyond where your peers have reached their last limit".

TOGBE TSALI IV, known as (KINGSLEY BISMARK KWADZO SON) is a man with a golden heart!

Empowering folks, I believe is worship. You must master the art of empowering people if you as a leader want your team to succeed in the dynamic corporate environment. A leader who can empower their team is essential, especially in this day and age when employee morale is declining in so many firms across the globe.

So, how do you go about empowering people in your workplace?

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