The Ewes and essentially, the Anlos revere him and till today, he still lives among them. His presence is felt every time his spirit is invoked.

His name is Tsali, twin brother of Tsala and son to Togbi Akplormada. Both twins were born with mystical powers and marvelled many with their powers. Togbe Tsali

According to history, Togbe Tsali could make plants grow within a day and bear fruits for food, among other shocking miracles.

Also the history has it that before Ewes moved to their present settlement in GhanaTɔgbui Agɔkoli ruled them with an iron hand at Notsie, a town in southeast Togo. When the Ewe people decided they did not want to suffer under his rule, they sought a very famous and powerful hunter known as Togbe Tsali who led them and helped them in many mystical ways.

It is the believe of Ewe people that, because Togbe Tsali didn’t died a natural death but vanished, that mean he is still alive and they feel his presence within them.

Togbe Tsali was killed and cut out in pieces but resurrected in three days just like our saviour Jesus Christ.

According to oral tradition, Togbe Tsali called rain to fall on his farm alone which provoked the people of Ewe to tied him and throw him into a river but found him the next day riding on a crocodile.

Also speaking to one of the chiefs of his time, he explained to viewers that Togbe is still alive and that’s their believe.

Togbe is still alive and that’s the believe of the people of Ewes.

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  1. The people of Kpota are extra social and ever ready to sincerely receive visitors with joy.
  2. The food variety cooked by the women of Kpota is hyper-delicious to every Race on Earth.
  3. The peace in Kpota is relatively uncommon and applauded by every visitor.
  4. On average, Nine (9) out of every Ten (10) natives who are taken as Partners, Agents, or Employees by Investors or Traders, have consistently been extremely loyal, and trustworthy and eventually become a divine blessing to the respective businesses.
  5. Above all, and last but not least, there is a silently but fast-growing PILGRIMAGE at Tortsogbe Royal Palace of Abutia Kpota which is performed by the High Priest, is divinely interventional and interceding on behalf of the Pilgrims against specific misfortunes impeding one’s life be it evil-spirit-backed: unemployment, consistent losses in business, prolonged marital challenges, accidents, other disasters, etc. It is an annual event that occurs every 1st of January and individual visits on any Non-Friday day in any week of one’s convenience. Whenever any 1st of January is Friday, the Annual PILGRIMAGE would be performed on the next day, Saturday 2nd of January that year. The Royal family, other natives of Kota, sections of Ghanaians at large, and some foreigners, mostly citizens of the United States of America, have so far taken part in this PILGRIMAGE with Great Success.


ABUTIA KPOTA is a lovely village community known for its Divine Blessings, Smart cum Hardworking People, and a wide range of Agricultural Produce within Ho West District in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Abutia Kpota was founded by Togbe Sonu-Tsali de 1st in the year 1931 with his kinsmen namely Amegbor Kofi, Tsyami Awukugă, Togbe Dziboe all of whom hailed from the following Ancestors: Sonu, Amegbor, Awlesu, and Amedzake respectively, and with the sterling counseling of one Elder Segbe who was also a descendant of Sire Sonu.

Kpota is largely a homogeneous and a bit of a heterogeneous community with a current population of about Three Thousand (3000) people.

There is a basic School set from kindergarten up to Junior High by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. More than 15 Churches are rooted in Abutia Kpota from Presbyterian to Pentecostal with two strong prayer-healing centers.

Most parcels of land in and around Kpota are gifted, leased, or sold to the people of Kpota by the Alipo, Dornyo, and Glante families of Abutia Kloe for dueling, farming and hunting purposes upon recommendations of Togbe Tsali IV, the Dufia (Community Ruler/Leader) of Abutia Kpota. Crops that are main staples and doing very well at Kpota are Cassava, Maize, Rice, Groundnuts, Yams, Peas and Vegetables. Though, the people are still peasant farmers, one can locate about Seven (7) Corporate farms and plantations at Kpota.

There are Four (4) main clans making Abutia Kpota namely Fiepeme, Godzato, Zongo, and Dziboeto with new ones emerging called Kokombato, Ando and Tove, all of which have their respective Sub-Chiefs serving under Togbe Tsali, a member of Abutia Traditional Council. The Paramount Chief and President of the Abutia Traditional Area (Council) currently is Togbegă Abutia Kodzo Gidi V who resides in Abutia Teti.

Kpota is a potential multimillion-dollar tourism community that, if explored and heavily invested in, can be rated among the top 10 and the top 100 Most attractive tourism centers in Ghana and Africa respectively. Why does every first-time visitor always want to return to Kpota over and over again?